10 Things You May Not Know About Chocolate

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There aren’t too many people who don’t like chocolate, dark, milk, fancy, or just a plain old candy bar. For me, a hunk of dark chocolate can fix even the worst day! How much do you really know about our (my) favorite treat?

  1. It takes 25 cocoa beans to make one ounce of chocolate.
  2. Most of the cocoa in our chocolate is grown in West Africa. In fact a full 70% comes from there.
  3. Does dark chocolate offer more health benefits that milk chocolate? According to a study done in Scotland, people who ate chocolate had healthier hearts, even though they ate mostly milk chocolate. Researchers speculated that ingredients other than cocoa antioxidants, which are higher in dark chocolate, could be responsible for these benefits.
  4. According to studies, chocolate benefits include, a healthier heart, improved memory, and fewer wrinkles. A recent study on Korean women found that a daily high antioxidant cocoa drink improved skin elasticity and reduced wrinkle formation.
  5. Milk chocolate was invented by a Swiss Chocolatier. It was then produced by the Swiss company Nestle’ in 1875.  Milton Hershey invented his own milk chocolate in the USA in early 1900.
  6. Foods made with real chocolate, rather than chocolate flavoring, should contain beneficial antioxidants in the chocolate making it healthier for you.
  7. Ancient Aztecs and Mayans made a drink from ground cocoa beans. It was served hot or cold and was not sweet.
  8. Dutch researches compared appetites of people who fasted and then ate 3.5 oz of either dark or milk chocolate. During the next 5 hours they were allowed to eat unlimited pizza. Those who ate the dark chocolate ate 15% less pizza and had less desire for sweet, salty , or fatty foods.
  9. In chocolate cake, most of the antioxidants in the chocolate will be destroyed by baking soda. However, when baking soda is replaced with baking powder, chocolate cake retains nearly all of its antioxidant properties. The alkaline nature of baking soda destroys the antioxidant benefits.
  10. Researchers at the University of San Diego found that adults who ate chocolate regularly weighed less than those who did not. These chocolate lovers did not eat fewer overall calories or get more exercise.

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