Advanced BioActive Probiotic with Prebiotics – 60 Delayed Release Capsules

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Probiotic with Patented Prebiotics

EXCEPTIONAL STOMACH ACID PROTECTION – With Advanced Patented Capsules DRCaps® for Proven Targeted Release. Delivers Deeply into the Intestines. Most others don’t. Veggie capsules without a funny taste. Easy to take – easy to swallow. Stomach acid resistant capsules.

SPORE-ENHANCED FOR CLINICALLY PROVEN BENEFITS (DE111®) – DE111® supports the normal proliferation of beneficial bacteria and the normal immune reaction of intestinal cells.

NO REFRIGERATION Needed – Long Shelf Life. Spore forming strains are the only ones that remain viable under a wide range of temperature conditions. Excellent to take along to work or travel.

SUPPORTS GOOD BACTERIA. HELPS TARGET BAD BACTERIA – Unlike other probiotics, our product does not only support the good bacteria – it STARVES the bad bacteria. Stop the abdominal bloating and increase regularity. Enjoy a larger variety of foods.

QUALITY MADE IN THE USA: 1 Month Supply of 60 slow release capsules, made in the USA according to cGMP standards.


Patented Probiotic Formula

 HIGH-POTENCY PATENTED BLEND FOR ULTIMATE RELIEF – Doctors recommend a variety of probiotics. Each strain carries out its own unique function in the GI tract. Our proprietary probiotic blend is clinically proven to survive stomach acid. It will colonize throughout the lower intestine for greater digestive relief & optimal colon health. 4.4 billion CFU per dose! Our Advanced Bioactive PROBIOTIC/PREBIOTIC is one of the most effective formulations available. Why?  Because we use 2 unique patented ingredients.

Patented Delayed Release Caps

 ADVANCED PATENTED DRcaps FOR TARGETED RELEASE – Encapsulated using our proprietary stomach acid-proof delivery system.  Patented DRcaps – acid resistant vegetarian capsules – protect our strains against acidity and ensures targeted release in the lower GI tract where probiotics are needed. YOU GET MAXIMUM BENEFIT without needing to ingest 50 billion CFUs.

 THE BEST HEALTHY-GUT REMEDY – Our advanced formula features six clinically proven strains with some of the most scientific publications to date, validating their efficacy in supporting a healthy immune response and improving overall GI function. It is NON GMO – Easy to swallow. Love how it works or use our RISK-FREE Guarantee.

 Your Healthy Microbiome

 ENJOY YOUR FAVORITE FOODS – Finally enjoy the foods you love without having to worry about the uncomfortable after-effects. Our powerful probiotics ease the digestion of gut-damaging foods like dairy, wheat, sugars and others. Advanced Bioactive Probitics provide ultimate relief for sensitive stomachs – by taking two easy to swallow, patented, vegetarian capsules per day.

 NO REFRIGERATION REQUIRED – Advanced Bioactive Probiotics are naturally acid-resistant and remain viable under a wide temperature range. This makes them a safe supplement to take along when you travel. Manufactured in cGMP-Certified facilities and made in the USA! Convenient & easy to take.

Product Warning:

Please note: probiotics may temporarily cause mild gas, bloating or loose stools. These possible side effects are rare and vary from one person to another. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Probiotics support many facets of overall health when taken regularly as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

4 reviews for Advanced BioActive Probiotic with Prebiotics – 60 Delayed Release Capsules

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    5 out of 5

    I wasn’t sure I needed a probiotic until I began taking a good one! Since starting this product my digestion has been amazingly calm and no bloating. Actually, I didn’t realize there was bloating until I no longer had it. I was looking for a probiotic that included a prebiotic and I’m so glad I did my research because I really feel like it makes a huge difference! I’m also really to happy that I can travel with it without worrying about refrigeration, I take a lot of short work trips so it’s perfect for me. Will buy again.

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    5 out of 5

    Having diabetes makes life challenging both health & nutrition wise. While the healthy diet I consume helps keep my blood glucose levels in check & at an excellent level, I take 2 different oral medications that disrupt my stomach & intestinal tract on a regular basis. They have a tendency to cause stomach bloat & bouts of IBS that cause me to be really uncomfortable at times.
    I already use several products from this company that I’m extremely pleased with so I decided to give this new one a try. I’ve been taking the product for 2 weeks now & have had wonderful results. The bloating & bouts of IBS have minimized both in occurrences & severity. Feels good to have a healthier digestive system & normal GI tract again!
    What I like about this particular product is that it’s both a Prebiotic & Probiotic. I not only feel really comfortable about the support it gives my GI tract by not only helping the good bacteria to grow & killing off the bad but, from some research I’ve done on both of these, this combination also has the added benefits of being able to possibly boost my immune system, lower inflammation, give protection to my bone & heart health, and can possibly reduce my blood triglyceride levels. And, it doesn’t need to be refrigerated!
    Another great product from a wonderful company. I highly recommend it!

  3. Post
    5 out of 5

    I have colitis and a leaky gut. I’ve been taking a week now and have noticed a big difference in bowel movements. I use to take Pro 15 and only noticed a slight difference in bowel habits. This is helping me tremendously.

  4. Post
    5 out of 5

    I have finally found the right probiotic! A calm gut, reduced abdominal bloat, and regular in the bathroom. Just what I ‘ve been looking for. Honestly 4.4 billion cfu didn’t seem like much compared to the 50 billion cfu product I had tried before, but what a difference! In this case less is definitely more, more and better results. I recommend that you try this product. I have been taking it together with their omega 3 fish oil and I feel that this has noticeably strengthened my immune system. I’m looking forward to a healthier winter.

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