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7 Tips for Living Healthier and Longer

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Small daily changes can add up to healthy habits that will improve your life significantly. Tackle them one at a time or jump right in and make big changes toward living healthier. These 7 things are easy and require nothing special other than your desire to do them! Try it and let us know what happens.

1. Don’t skip breakfast.
Our bodies expect to eat a morning meal. It is programed into our biology. Skipping breakfast causes our body to think it may be starving and decreases its metabolic rate, making it more difficult to burn calories throughout the day. This may lead to eating a larger lunch, more calories on top of a slower metabolism. Eating breakfast and including fiber helps you eat fewer calories through the day. When you feel full, choosing healthy snacks becomes easier too. Our Nature’s Garden Multivitamin will assure proper daily nutrition.

2. Get moving.
30 minutes of activity daily works wonders. Trade couch time for an activity, it doesn’t matter what it is just move more! You will develop more energy and burn extra calories in the process. You may even become more productive.

3. Get there early.
Give yourself some time. Getting to work 5 minutes early instead of 5 minutes late is a huge difference in your level of stress. Being chronically late, creates stress which can cause chronic inflammation and high blood pressure. Leaving home a few minutes earlier makes sitting in traffic much less stressful. You don’t have the constant worry of being late.

4. Connect with people.
Social connection is what helps us weather the storm of stress. We see the  results of lack of connection to others in weight gain, loss of energy, and loss of libido. We tend to run from intimacy, (Facebooking is not building relationships.) Rather than that, make a phone call or meet a friend for a walk. Share your life with others it’s more fun and healthier for you.

5. Don’t sweat the small stuff
We are capable of only making so many decisions per day and we waste time on the small things. Try to automate as many decisions as possible. If choosing what to have for breakfast is difficult just have the same thing every day for a week. Easy peazy. There are many such small decisions that you may be able to eliminate. Also take care of those small lingering unfinished tasks that take up your brain power. Completing these ease your stress level, and helps you feel more in control of things.

6. Avoid the afternoon slump.
The worst time of day for mindless eating is 3 pm. When energy dips, many people make a trip to the vending machine to fill up on empty calories. When we eat sugar the extra calories are converted to fat, which gets moved long term storage. We all know what that looks like. Be prepared with healthy snacks, carry them with you so you can avoid temptation.

7. Go to bed on time.
If you get up around 6 am, you had better be getting ready for sleep by 10 pm. That gives you the recommended 8 hours. Not having a regular nighttime routine can result in inadequate sleep. Not having enough sleep can make you fat by boosting levels of ghrelin, the hormone that makes you hungry. Inadequate sleep leads to a host of other potential health problems as well. If I am unable to quickly get to sleep I will take one of our Restorative Sleep Capsules or a magnesium capsule which usually does the trick.

We would like to know if you experience any positive changes from incorporating these tips. All of us would like less stress and a healthier, more energetic self. Research has repeatedly shown that decreasing our stress levels leads to living healthier, and a longer life.

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