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7 Tips to Drop Weight Quick

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Need to drop just a few pounds quickly? Getting ready for a special event or beach get away? Here are 7 weight management tips that will help you slim down in one to two weeks.

Quick Weight Management Tips

1. Reduce carbs – Just 1 gram of carbs can retain 4-5 grams of water, making you look puffier than you should.

2. Eat diuretic foods – They’ll help you lose excess water. Asparagus and beets are a pair of powerful ones.

3. Drop the protein shakes – Their additives often lead to bloating and the beer belly look.

4. Stop eating vegetables notorious for producing gas – Broccoli and cauliflower are big culprits that will lead to excess bloating.

5. Stop chewing gum – Some say that chewing gum tricks your brain into thinking that you are actually eating. Once this happens, chemicals that break down food are produced. If there’s no actual food in your system, this overload of chemicals can slow digestion and make you look and feel fat.

6. Cut out sodium – Canned soups, chips, fast food, and other items loaded with sodium will cause you to retain water.

7. Drink coconut water – It’ll keep you hydrated. This relaxes your body and prevents bloating.

You will feel slimmer following these tips for a week or two. Adding our Garcinia Cambogia SLIM formula, or our Raspberry Ketone TRIM formula will boost metabolism, cut your appetite, and increase your energy levels. Try adding one or both to your weight management routine.

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