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Amazing Green Tea, Amazing Benefits

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We all should be consuming some form of green tea every day. Whether hot or iced tea, matcha, or green tea extracts found in supplements, the benefits are just short of miraculous.

1. Powerful antioxidants are found in large amounts in all forms of green tea. Bioactive compounds such as polyphenols, (flavoniods and catechin), can improve overall health. Polyphenols can reduce the formation of free radicals in our bodies protecting cells from damage. Free radicals are known to play a role in aging and all sorts of disease.

2. Green tea can make you smarter with the ingredient caffeine. It is different than coffee caffeine however, because it doesn’t cause the jitters like coffee often does. Studies consistently show improvements in different aspects of brain function, including improved mood, vigilance, reaction time and memory. It does this by increasing the firing of neurons and increasing dopamine and norepinephrine. People have reported more stable energy levels and increased productivity when drinking green tea verses coffee.

3. Green tea burns fat by increasing our metabolic rate. It is included in almost all fat burning supplements. Studies have also shown that green tea can decrease body fat, especially in the abdominal area.

4. Green tea may lower your cancer risk. The antioxidants contained in the tea have a protective effect against oxidative damage that contributes to the development of cancer. Studies have shown protective effects in breast cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal, and pancreatic cancer.

5. Green tea may lower your risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease by protecting your brain in old age. Studies have shown catechin compounds can have positive effects on brain neurons.

6. Green tea can improve dental health by lower infection risk. The catechins in tea many slow the growth of bacteria and some viruses. They may lower the risk of infections and lead to better dental health and even better breath!

7. Green tea can lower type II diabetes risk. Studies have shown that green tea can improve insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar levels.

8. Green tea may improve your cardiovascular disease risk. Heart disease and strokes are the biggest caused of death in the world. Green tea has been shown to lower total cholesterol and lower systolic blood pressure. Tea drinkers have up to a 31% lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

9. Green tea may help us live longer. I suppose this is due to all of the improvements to our brain, heart, blood, and all the other amazing benefits.

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