Attitude is Everything

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In a January 2016 study from Trinity College in Dublin Ireland, researchers found that older adults with negative attitudes toward aging had slower walking speed and reduced cognitive abilities two years after the start of the study. This compared to people with more positive attitudes. Older adults with positive attitudes toward aging displayed better brain function and physical health.

Great news about ashwagandha. In a study from AYU a group of athletes received a significant endurance boost from ashwagandha root extract. Participants also reported a better quality of life from the extract based on physical, psychological health and social relationships. This is one of the reasons it is included in our Mood formula.

Potent Anti-Inflammatory Foods.
In a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition researchers found that some

foods are more potent than others at fighting chronic inflammation that underlies many major diseases. Diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s can be fought with food before disease begins by decreasing inflammation in the body. Some of the top anti-inflammatory foods that the study identifies are:

Acai berries
Black currants
Green tea
Red, purple, & black grapes
Whole wheat

The study also identified benefits from resveratrol and curcumin supplements.

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