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Coconut Oil, is it worth the risk?

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Coconut oil is vegan oil that is formed by the medium chain fatty acids and includes some unique types in its composition. It contains caprylic acid, lauric acid, and capric acid. Approximately 62% of the coconut oil is composed of these amazing fatty acids and helps to boost up the nutritional fact list. These three fatty acids incorporated in the coconut oil make it healthy oil for consumption. As compared to other oils, coconut oil is a perfect source of energy as it can easily metabolize into its components. All thanks to these three wonderful fatty acids. It can undergo only 3 step degradation process, as our body metabolizes it: whereas other oils have to go through a 26 step process. Due to its fast metabolism, coconut oil acts as a rapid fuel to provide energy.

Some of the other benefits of oil are its easy digestion, it is not readily stored as fat, it is anti-microbial and anti-fungal in nature. Coconut oil can be processed by the liver, which means that it is immediately converted to energy instead of being stored as fat. It is also great for hair.  Apart from these positive benefits, there are some risks which are associated with the usage of coconut oil. With the emerging demand for coconut oil and its usage, here mentioned are some drawbacks related to this beneficial type of vegan oil.

Risks of too much Coconut Oil


Various studies have proven that apart from its obvious beneficial aspects, it is loaded with the saturated fats. 91% of the oil is all about the saturated fats that are not at all good for health. These saturated fatty acids are the chain of triglycerides. Regular usage of the coconut oil in food can elevate the levels of low-density lipoproteins (LDL). LDL is also known as the bad cholesterol in the blood stream which in turn can alter the blood pressure and can induce various vascular and heart diseases.


Due to elevated levels of saturated fatty acids in the blood stream, the first effect that is noticed is the alteration in the blood pressure. Due to high cholesterol level, there can be surprising changes in the blood pressure. The arteries may be blocked due to deposition of plaque and cholesterol and make them narrow. Resulting in further impedance of blood flow resulting in elevated blood pressure in the body.


As mentioned above, the deposition of cholesterol in the main arteries oriented with the heart can cause serious blockages and lead to cardiac arrest due to insufficient supply of blood to the heart. In severe conditions, it can also result in cardiac failure.


As happens when we eat too much of any fat, it elevates the body weight and in extreme cases may lead to obesity. It can further lead to diabetes and arthritis.


The metabolic pathways are altered due to disturbed endocrine or hormonal balance. Consumption of hydrogenate fats or unrefined fats; it takes the toll on our health by causing various metabolic disorders. Problems like diabetes and insulin resistance may develop.



Ingesting too much coconut oil can lead to diarrhea. This is a side effect no one wants! It can interrupt the healthy gut activity, and due to its anti-bacterial specification, it can also kill the gut friendly bacteria which reside in the gut and help in the formation of vitamin K.


It is an acute allergic reaction in which your body can cause severe allergic reactions due to the consumption of coconut oil. Anaphylaxis is a life- threatening condition o leads which can lead to the sudden death of the patient suffering from it. It may appear from to intolerance to the components found in coconut oil.


When applied to the skin, it can sometimes lead to various allergic responses, and one can witness rashes, breakouts, swelling, itching, urticaria, nausea, shortening of breath and vomiting. All these allergic responses vary person to person, and their severity also depends upon the extent of inflammation caused.


Coconut oil has a host of positive benefits. However, the above mentioned possibilities are some side effects that have been witnessed by the external or internal usage of the wildly popular coconut oil. Hope you have found value in the information presented, and find it beneficial in your daily life. As is said so often, everything in moderation.

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