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Eating Better This Year. Make a Start.

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It’s that time again. We resolve to start Eating Better, exercising a little more, dropping a few pounds…you know, we’ve all been there many times over. In this post I will share a very simple eating plan that may just help us (me) stick with our (my) good intentions just a little longer than a few weeks.

The Four List Plan was developed and used by Alton Brown to lose 50 pounds over a nine month span. Alton is the TV chef and Star of “Good Eats.” He has managed to keep the weight off by continuing to follow his plan. Not that we need to lose 50 pounds, or maybe you do, but this way of eating makes complete sense for our general health and well being. Eating better affects everything in our life, sounds dramatic but it’s true. It affects our energy levels, our skin, our overall appearance and longevity.

I’ve created the graphic above to make it easy to get an over view of the simplicity of the plan. I refuse to call it a diet; it’s just a way of eating healthy. The 4 List Plan is pretty restrictive but the basic principles of eating fewer calories and less red meat are, of course, not unique but they are sound. All things in moderation…

You may feel free to add legumes and chicken as additional sources of protein. I really like lean pork as well. The main point here is to get started on a healthier plan in 2016. You most definitely will feel better, have more energy, and possibly drop a few pounds.

Setting a healthy example for your kids is a bonus, with the childhood obesity rates in the USA approaching a staggering 30%. Teaching them to appreciate and enjoy healthy foods will benefit them their entire lives.

You can watch the episode of Alton’s show here, it is very motivating.

Supplementing with a good whole food multivitamin is a way of ensuring your complete nutrition each day. We, of course, recommend ours. It contains whole fruits and greens, in addition to minerals and herbals to assist in overall health. Live plant enzymes aid in digestion. Try it risk free today. We want to know what you think, tell us!

Whole Food Nutrition

Have peace of mind knowing you are getting complete nutrition for your body everyday.


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