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How to Grow Hair Fast. Biotin, Why does it Work?

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Biotin has long been touted as a magical hair, skin, and nails supplement. Millions of women continue to pop this vitamin daily. Results are well documented, you can grow hair fast biotin does improve hair health and speed up growth. But why? I hope to shed a bit of light on this subject so you can decide whether to jump on the hair skin nails supplement bandwagon, or if you already have, whether you should stay on it!

In titling this post “how to grow hair fast” you already know my bias. Hair supplements do have many positive benefits, and biotin is the most well known of these. Most dermatologists agree that biotin supports the keratin infrastructure of hair which is the basic protein building block of hair and nails. Biotin is one of the B-complex vitamins, B7. It is sometimes known as vitamin H, the H comes from the German words for hair and skin. B-complex vitamins in general are vital in the metabolism of protein, of which hair is largely made up. Biotin is classified as a co-enzyme, which means it assists the enzymes in the body to metabolize fatty acids that are so critical in hair, skin, and nail health. So essentially biotin makes these fatty acids more available for our body to use as needed in the creations of proteins, in this case keratin as one example.

Biotin travels in the blood stream and is not stored in the body. Excess is eliminated through urine. Since the body does not build up a reserve, biotin needs to be ingested daily. Biotin is found in many foods including whole wheat bread, salmon, peanuts, avocados, some cheeses, and other foods. While extreme biotin deficiency is rare, many dermatologists find biotin supplementation worth while for optimal hair, skin, and nails health. As you read this post we hope you would consider trying our Advanced Best Hair Supplement risk free. Please feel free to comment or send questions.

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