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Optimize your Vitamins and Supplements

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It is not the best practice to take all of your supplements and vitamins at the same time of the day. Personally, I was taking everything in the morning when I was sure to remember. Turns out this was not the best way to go. There are ways to optimize your vitamins so our bodies are better equipped to absorb the various supplements we take. After all this is the goal, more absorption…less expensive pee…  maximum benefit for our bodies and our wallets. Just a few changes to your vitamin routine can make a huge difference.


Most of us take a multivitamin and breakfast is the best time for it. The multivitamin, B-Complex, Vitamin E and C can be taken with food and vitamin E, since it is fat soluble will be absorbed more effectively if some fats are included with the meal. The C and B-Complex vitamins are water soluble and  benefit by being taken with juice or other liquid. These boost metabolism and convert food to energy, a great start to your day. Vitamin C boosts the immune system and can be taken throughout the day in a split dose. Iron absorption is increased by the presence of vitamin C, calcium blocks iron absorption so save it for later in the day. It is best not to have  hot coffee  or tea if vitamins are taken as it does interfere with maximum absorption of the nutrients.


If you didn’t take a fish oil supplement with breakfast, lunch is a great time for that. Fish oil contains the all important omega 3s that are so essential for brain function, growth,  eye and heart health, and should be taken with food. Mid day is a great time for our Advanced Best Hair Formula, I like to take one table at lunch and one with dinner, but both can be taken together at any time during your day. Co Q10 should be taken with food at lunch or breakfast. It is an energy booster and could interfere with sleep if taken later in the day.


Calcium is used by the body at night, so dinner, or after dinner is a great time. Also the iron in your multivitamin was taken in the morning and will no longer interfere with the absorption of calcium. Probiotics are best taken before or after a meal and not with a hot beverage. Heat will destroy probiotics ,as will digestive enzymes. Magnesium is a muscle relaxer and can be beneficial for sleep. It has a calming effect on the nervous system and works together with calcium at night. Magnesium can have a mild laxative effect as well.

Scheduling your supplements will give your body the best chance to utilize the nutrients most completely and effectively, resulting in the maximum benefit to your health. This was just a brief overview of the most commonly used supplements. Be sure to read the directions provided on the labels of your vitamins and consult your doctor with any questions or concerns. Here is the link to a super info graphic that I am not clever enough to make!

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