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Plant Enzyme Complex: What and Why?

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Enzymes are catalysts, mostly protein molecules that carry vital energy factors needed to enable every chemical action and reaction that occurs in our bodies. They make chemical reactions in our body more efficient. There are several thousand different enzymes in the body. Enzymes are responsible for digestion, absorption, transporting, metabolizing, and eliminating the waste of nutrients, as well as most any other process that happens within our bodies.

Enzymes taken as supplements are enzymes that have been extracted from plants, animals, or fungi, and are taken before or with a meal. Plant enzymes are most effective for pre-digestion, or those enzymes that will work in the stomach acid environment. There are two enzymes in particular that are effective in the stomach environment, they are, lipase and amylase. These two will work throughout the digestive system. We have included both amylase and lipase in the enzyme complex added to our Nature’s Garden Multivitamin.

Why should I take an enzyme complex?

All metabolic processes in the body rely on enzymes for detoxification and energy production. Enzymes are active in digestion, nutrient delivery, blood purification, neurotransmission, and support of the nervous, endocrine and circulatory systems. Enzymes are essential in really all aspects of body function. They are the key to an efficient healthy, well functioning system.
Because the modern diet consists mostly of cooked, enzyme depleted food, our body’s ability to manufacture the amount and type of enzymes needed to keep us healthy, and our immune systems functioning vigorously, is seriously challenged.

Our bodies were designed to function on raw enzyme-rich foods that assist in the digestive process and use little of our body’s natural enzyme supply and energy. The average diet of mostly cooked foods depletes the body’s ability to produce enough enzymes to do all of the important functions they are designed to do, including fully digesting food. The result of that is partially digested foods are absorbed into our blood stream and then become toxins.

Toxins in the bloodstream cause inflammation, uric acid crystals in joints (Gout), allergic reactions, and may end up as arterial plaque. Over time this toxic condition can create disease. Supplementing our meals with digestive enzymes supports the body’s ability to fully digest and utilize foods and nutritional supplements, or vitamins that we may be taking. They also remove digestive waste products, leaving our pancreas and the other endocrine organs with the resources to produce metabolic and systemic enzymes needed for such things as tissue repair and toxin removal.*
Cooking destroys lipase. Lipase is the enzyme that aids the body in the breaking down of fats. Without lipase, our fat stagnates and accumulates in our arteries, which could lead to heart disease.* Lipase also helps us to burn fat for energy.* Raw foods are rich in lipase.

Our enzyme supply decreases as we age. It has been found that the decrease is due to our pancreas slowing down resulting in decreasing enzyme production. If we add a plant enzyme complex supporting metabolic enzyme activity, then we might delay the aging process and possibly increase the life span to its genetic potential.* When we take a plant enzyme complex the body’s metabolic enzymes can be freed from having to do the work of digestion and enable it to make and use more repair enzymes. These repair enzymes can help to keep us healthy longer.

The plant enzyme complex included in Nature’s Garden will not only help utilize the nutrients you are eating, but also to more completely use the whole food vitamins in our Multivitamin pills. Our formula is the perfect combination of whole food nutrients and the plant enzyme complex to help your body utilize the nutrients most efficiently. We urge you to add Nature’s Garden to your daily routine, we know you will feel the difference.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product and information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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