probiotics for fat loss

Probiotics for Weight Loss?

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Did you know that two thirds of Americans are either overweight or considered obese? Unfortunately, this is true. The truth is that most of us could drop a few pounds.  This time leading up to the holiday season, is a great time to start.
The usual combination of dietary changes and exercise is the way to lasting weight loss success. But, it might be a good idea to consider adding a high quality probiotic to your regimen. Probiotics in your gut promote healthier weight through better digestive function.
Increasingly, research shows that gut health is important when it comes to weight loss. When you restore a better balance of healthy “bugs” you help your intestinal tract operate more efficiently.

Probiotics and fat loss

Scientists noticed the relationship between gut bacteria and weight gain.  They observed that when intestinal bacteria are destroyed weight gain results. How are gut bacteria killed? When antibiotics are taken, this results in killing off beneficial bacteria.  Energy and fat metabolism are compromised. Also, an unhealthy diet high in sugar encourages bad bacteria to overtake the good ones. Studies show that people who consume fermented dairy products like yogurt lose more weight that those who do not. Weight loss due to probiotic bacteria contained in these products.

Researchers combined all prior studies that tracked the effect of probiotics on weight loss, a trend toward lower body weight was confirmed. This was linked to the effect of probiotic supplements on 2000 overweight people. The weight loss effect of probiotic supplements was stronger when people started out overweight, and supplements were taken for at least 8 weeks.  Taking a product that contained a combination of healthful bacteria was key. It is best to choose a supplement with multiple species of healthy bacteria in combination with a prebiotic to sustain the probiotic bacteria

Prebiotics are food for the healthy bacteria in your GI tract, they support healthy colonies of probiotics thus indirectly supporting weight loss. Our Advanced Bio-Active Probiotic supplement contains these prebiotics so there is no need to purchase a separate prebiotic product.

How Probiotics Affect Weight

How is your waistline affected?  The answer is not well understood so far, but research is underway. Scientists have learned that gut bacteria affect how the body absorbs and uses nutrients from food. This includes whether fat from food is stored in your fat cells, and how soon you feel full. A lack of healthy gut bacteria can influence food cravings, especially those for carbs and sugar. Carbohydrates and sugars have the greatest negative effect on our waistlines. The healthier you make your gut environment the more efficiently it will function supporting digestive health.

There are lots of good reasons to add probiotics your regimen. Healthier digestion, stronger immunity, better blood pressure and even weight loss just to name a few. You have nothing to lose by trying them, except possibly some pounds.

Probiotics, what you can do

We would to encourage you to evaluate our Advanced Bio-Active Probiotic Supplement. We are confident that you will agree, our formula with its patented ingredients, is just what you are looking for. A patented combination of probiotic and prebiotics offer maximum digestive and immune system support. And, a patented capsule delivery system that will deliver these healthy bacteria to your GI tract where they can get to work undamaged by stomach acid. No need to refrigerate our probiotics – take them along anywhere you go.

Probiotic for immune system health

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