Premium Multivitamin, with Whole Foods – Nature’s Garden + B-12

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Our proprietary blend of over 40 premium whole fruits and greens, plus minerals, provide complete WHOLE FOOD nutrition for men and women in 3 daily tablets. We’ve included wheat grass, spirulina, a plant enzyme complex, minerals and strong antioxidants to provide you with vital energy and nourishment for your active day. A whole food multivitamin at its finest. It’s made of REAL food for SUPERFOOD power. Boost your Wellness, and your Immunity to optimum levels!

Greens, Yellows, Reds we’ve got you covered. Vitamin B-12 too!


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REAL FOOD from REAL FARMS and ORCHARDS; Our proprietary blend of whole fruits, whole vegetables, vitamins, minerals and plant enzymes provide complete daily nutrition in 3 tablets. That’s why we call it Farm to Tablet. Our finest whole food multivitamin.

Whole food multivitamin

ENDLESS BENEFITS from our GREEN SUPER FOOD; Spirulina and Wheat Grass, plus Antioxidants. Nature’s Garden supports a healthy immune system, healthy circulatory system as well as providing support for the urinary tract and cardiovascular system. Rich in B12, without added iron, our proprietary formula has you covered. We’ve included green tea extract for natural energy and an additional antioxidant boost.

You will love what we have NOT added, No sugars or artificial sweeteners,  No artificial colors or flavors. No preservatives, only the good stuff in here!

COMPLETE NUTRITION for MEN and WOMEN. High potency, premium quality with a money back guarantee, we want you to feel great and feel great about your purchase.

SAFELY manufactured in the USA at our GMP certified FDA approved Laboratory. Purity is guaranteed. We know you only want to put the finest ingredients into your body.

Suggested use: 3 tablets taken daily preferably with meals or as directed by a healthcare professional. Do not exceed recommended dose.

Why 3 tablets per day? It seems like a lot!

It’s nearly impossible to put all the nutrients that come in Nature’s Garden Multivitamin in one capsule. To produce this vitamin, we start with selecting whole foods – foods that you find in gardens and farms. Then, we prepare these ingredients in a way that safeguards their nutritional value. The resulting whole food ingredient is then added to a complex formula that includes targeted minerals and antioxidants to create the best dietary supplement. Synthetic, compressed vitamins and minerals made in a lab do run into this problem and do not have to worry about keeping their ingredients “fresh & active”. Three per day will get you maximum absorption for optimal results. I personally take 2 per day, but I also make sure to eat several servings of fruits and vegetables – which is still the best way to get your nutrients

Product Warning

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