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While most of us do suffer from an occasional sleepless night, for some this lack of quality sleep is routine. Chronic lack of sleep can result in many daily challenges both to our health and just our ability to function fully. We become easily agitated, unable to focus, and  basically inefficient in our responsibilities, not to mention the direct negative effect to our well being.

Some of the hazards associated with chronic sleep deprivation include:

Higher levels of anxiety

Higher levels of depression

Impaired thinking and memory

Higher risk of hypertension and heart disease

Disruption of our natural time clock weakening our stress and immunity responses

Increased risk of diabetes possibly resulting from an increase in unhealthy food cravings

Increased risk of breast cancer

Higher risk of injury

According to sleep experts, nearly 60 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders. Some have trouble falling asleep, some are unable to sleep through the night, no quality sleep. With all of this sleeplessness, what can be done without resorting to dangerous and often habit forming drugs? Changing your routine and developing healthy habits would be a great start. Here are some suggestions from the National Sleep Foundation.

1. Stick to a regular schedule of going to bed and getting up. This will help your body develop its natural Circadian rhythm or internal clock.

2. Develop a relaxing bedtime ritual. Reduce exposure to bright lights and electronic screens. Take a warm bath, a soothing cup of tea, anything that calms you.

3. Avoid naps

4. Exercise daily. Even a brisk 20 minute walk can work wonders. Sunlight also helps regulate the body’s Circadian rhythm.

5. Evaluate your sleeping environment. It should be comfortable, dark and cool, free from noise. Consider ear plugs if your partner snores or if there are other noises that cant be silenced.

6. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and heavy meals in the evening. If you feel hungry just limit yourself to a light snack before bedtime.

7. If you are unable to fall asleep, go to another room and do something until you feel tired.

There are natural herbs that are known for supporting healthy quality sleep, some help you relax and fall asleep others help you to stay asleep through the night.  We have combined the best of these herbs to support relaxation and healthy restorative sleep. Our formula is drug free, non habit forming, and is carefully designed to support your entire night of sleep from relaxing and falling asleep to staying asleep all night giving the healthy sleep your body craves. We urge you to give our Restorative Sleep Formula a chance to work for you.

Restorative Sleep Formula is available on Amazon for your convenience.

If you have any concerns about your sleep struggles you are encouraged to contact your doctor for a full medical evaluation.

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