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RMB Naturals was born out of a desire to help women age as slowly and gracefully as possible. If the truth be told, the idea came while floating in the back yard pool with a good friend. We were just talking about our lives, kids, and issues we women have. Also, after spending the last 25 years in the medical field, specifically in the high risk pregnancy & gynecology world, I have a deep understanding of women, their concerns, and health issues.

I personally began noticing troublesome aging signs several years ago. As someone who has always been very healthy and energetic, it was distressing to begin feeling less energy and stamina. Some mornings my hips were stiff and tight. What? Where did that come from! My hair was thinning, my skin looked aged.  And how about those few extra pounds around my waist? All of these things are just not what any of us ladies, or men for that matter, want to see! Aging is a natural part of life but let’s do it as well as possible.

Sleep was another issue. Waking up in the middle of the night with a racing mind is exhausting. I just couldn’t get back to sleep. This definitely did not help my energy level, or how well my brain functioned, or didn’t function! How all of this affected my mood is a story in itself.

As I was discussing these issues with a group of patients, it became clear that all of us were suffering from the same basic aging symptoms.  I wanted to help myself and them too. There are thousands of products and companies out there that direct their products at us.  While a lot of those products are high quality, I knew we could do better.  Personally, I am sensitive to many ingredients found in supplements. This really restricts my purchase options. Large numbers of people share those sensitivities.  RMB Naturals creates supplements with healthy ingredients that have a low chance of producing the negative effects of allergies and sensitivities. What we have also done is to create our supplements to be multifunctional. This means that men as well as women will benefit from taking them. 

Finding formulas and procuring a quality team who would understand our goals became the next step.  We are blessed to have found a great laboratory and team. Our manufacturing facilities are NSF certified and comply with strict cGMP standards. RMB Naturals supplements contain everything that is on the label in the quantities listed on the label. Our supplements are tested and verified for purity, and potency by specialized third party laboratories. Everything is made in the USA.

Shoot us an email with any comments or questions. We love to talk about ourselves – or you!

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