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Supplements, Who takes them and Why?

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In our last post we talked about what dietary supplements actually are. Today we will see who takes them and what some of the most common reasons for doing so are…Supplements who takes them and why?

In a survey done by the Council for Responsible Nutrition in 2014, they reported that 71% of all US adult women, and 65% of all US adult men take some type of dietary supplements. Using recent US census numbers, that means some 78.3 million women and 67.0 million men are taking one or more supplements daily. Those are huge numbers. What are some of the reasons so many of us open our wallets each month for pills and powders? Read on…

I’ve put together a graphic to give you an easy overview of the top reasons we take supplements.

Supplement chart

Those who take supplements desire the overall health and wellness benefits which seems to lead to healthy lifestyle choices. In fact here are the stats on some specific habits of  the supplement taking population:

90% read and follow directions on supplement labels

86% strive to eat a balanced diet

78% do not smoke

75% visit their doctor regularly

70% get a good night’s sleep

67% exercise regularly

66% maintain a healthy weight

With the positive benefits and activity surrounding those of us who take supplements, there are still many skeptics. How can we trust the health claims made on a supplement box?

People often say that supplements are unregulated. This is not really true at all. Supplements are officially regulated as foods, not as pharmaceutical drugs. According to the FDA, only drugs can treat disease so a supplement can not legally claim to treat a disease, such as diabetes or heart disease. Supplements have their own class of claims called “structure function” claims.

Supplement makers are allowed to describe a possible health effect on the structure of an organ or the function of a part of the body’s physiology. So you won’t see the words on a label “This joint-health formula cures arthritic pain,” but they are allowed to say something like, “This formula supports joint health.” In some cases, research shows a joint health formula can cure joint pain. But according to the law, the manufacturer is not able to claim that specifically.

Supplement producers employ a standards department to review and oversee all claims put on product labels to verify them valid and true.

Here at RMB Naturals our lab has very stringent requirements and regulations on any claims made on our labels. Our products are safe, effective and can be trusted to perform as promised. That is why we offer such a generous return policy. We urge you to give us a try.

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