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3 Fitness Tips that will Save You Precious Time

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These fitness tips will not get you an amazing beach body. However, by doing these things you will be able to maintain your basic fitness. Your weight will stabilize and you may even drop a few pounds. It does not require a huge amount of time to stay fit, it does, however, require consistency.

1. Walk at least one mile per day. This burns about 100 extra calories and may prevent weight gain

2. Three times per week, exercise 4 minutes at your peak intensity. Research has shown this is an effective regimen to maintain physical fitness and heart health. Be sure to check in with your doctor if you are new to intensity workouts.

3. Spend 90 minutes or more doing some continuous moderate exercise, every week or two. Activities to try would be hiking or exploring your own neighborhood. Continuous exercise for longer periods has shown to reduce diabetes risk.

There are many levels of fitness, from elite athletes to couch potatoes and everything in between. Research continues to show that consistently sticking to these basic fitness tips will improve or maintain your health. You will feel better. You will reduce your risk of becoming a diabetic. Your weight will stabilize or you will lose weight. These are all very positive returns for relatively little time spent.
Additionally, getting outside in the sunshine boosts your immune system. Sunshine is also a natural mood booster. So get out there!

Be sure to check with your Dr. before beginning any new exercise program.

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