Where is my Hairbrush

Where is My Hairbrush?

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For years our grandmothers and great grandmothers have told us that using our hairbrush for 100 strokes each night before bed would make our hair healthy, and grow faster. My own grandmother had waist length, beautiful gray hair, which she would brush 100 strokes each night while sitting on the side of her bed. She had her signature style, which was a long single braid worn in a bun. It suited her, I always thought she looked beautiful, and she did.

Recently, there has been an increase in the popularity of brushing your hair 100 strokes per night just as grandma taught. There are definite benefits from doing it too!  Stimulating and massaging your scalp would be number one. Brushing increases blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles increasing the delivery of nutrients, and the removal of wastes.  While taking our Advanced Best Hair Formula, stimulating your scalp in this way can increase the effectiveness of the vitamins by increased and more efficient distribution to your follicles. More blood flow and nutrients could logically lead to faster healthier hair growth.

Throughout our day, dust and debris fills the air around us, some of it inevitably ends up on our head. This is true no matter where we live, city, country or somewhere in between. Regular evening brushing would do wonders in removing the “day” from our hair while distributing natural oils from the roots to the tips where it is needed most. As the natural oils are brushed down the shaft of the hair it causes the cuticles to lay flat, smoothing the strands making it able to reflect more light, increasing shine and beauty. Doing your brushing routine in the evening before bed allows the scalp and hair to benefit from the increased nutrients and naturals oils all night long while your are resting.

The type of hairbrush you use is as important as actually doing the brushing. Nylon or very stiff bristled brushes might cause more damage than benefit, scratching the scalp and tearing delicate hair. Always use a natural bristle hairbrush. Boar bristles are the preferred material and the one used by our grandmothers, because they are almost identical to human hair in texture.
The pure boar bristle brush is very soft and ideal for thin, weak, or brittle hair. The mixed boar bristle & nylon brush has a single nylon fiber that penetrates normal to thick hair and helps with detangling. So depending on your hair type there is a natural bristle brush perfect for you. Your hair stylist may have additional recommendations as well. Those of you with very fine delicate hair may want to reduce the 100 stroke routine to something less that will work without damaging your locks.

The best brushing technique would be to start at the ends of your hair working upward toward your scalp as you remove tangles. Once your hair is detangled, brushing should be done from the scalp through to the ends for maximum smoothing and oil distribution. And, only brush when your hair is dry, wet hair is too easily stretched and broken. Let us know if you incorporate this into your hair routine, we’d love your feed back!  Here are just a few styles of natural bristle hairbrushes as examples of what is available.

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