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Multivitamin Nature’s Garden “farm to tablet” Whole Fruits & Greens

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Allow us to  reintroduce one of our favorite products, a Multivitamin & Mineral complex made with whole fruits & vegetables. Its designed to provide a complete, daily range of nutrition. Nature’s Garden, named for the over 40 whole fruits and veggies it contains, is truly “farm to tablet.”

Many of today’s foods have been stripped of their nutritional value. Nature’s Garden Multivitamin complex will supply these nutrients, strengthening the foundation of your diet. It’s not just another vitamin pill.  Currently, there is a strong trend toward whole food nutritional products as, tablets and powders, drinks so whole food multivitamins make sense. Laboratory created nutrients have been shown to be less bioavailable to our bodies. Of course, our best option is always to eat a diet rich in whole foods. This is easier said than done with busy lifestyles, and the “standard American diet” which leave us lacking in many areas.

Plant Enzymes

An enzyme complex is included. Plant enzymes have been shown to aid in digestion in the small intestine. These are actual concentrated food enzymes from nature. This is really good news to those who want digestive enzymes but who do not want to eat animal products. Because of the versatility of its activity, plant digestive enzymes can take the stress off of our entire digestive enzyme system. They contain the power of the life force and may even repair our DNA. The enzyme complex is a very important part of our Nature’s Garden whole food multivitamin. It helps the body utilize the other vitamins and minerals contained in the tablet more completely.

Vitamin B-12

B-12, so important for many body functions; Essential for converting carbohydrates into fuel, maintaining healthy nerve cells, making red blood cells, helping our body use iron, producing compounds affecting our immune system and neurological functions, as well as ensuring healthy DNA…wow that’s a long list. Nature’s Garden has 1667% of our recommended daily requirement. That’s good news for you, especially for you vegetarians.

The most common symptoms of B-12 deficiency are fatigue, weakness, weight loss, loss of appetite, numbness and tingling in the hands and feet. Some additional symptoms can include depression and poor memory among many others. B-12 is mainly obtained from animal foods, so if you don’t consume many animal products you many benefit from our formula. Those over 50 years of age require a bit more B-12 as well.

Complete Multivitamin Nutrition

We have only highlighted a few components and urge you to carefully evaluate our extensive list of ingredients. You will be impressed. Once you try it please let us know what you think! Nature’s Garden Whole Food Multivitamin Mineral Complex.  3 tablets daily, much more convenient than powders that need to be mixed.

Experience more energy and vitality throughout your day – everyday!

Better Nutrition Today

Farm to Tablet Vitamins daily, the easy way.


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